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re: Food event


 Date: Thursday 24 September

Location: Fayleen’s Moonshade Pools dimension at 7pm server time.  
How to get there: open the social tab (by default located at the bottom left of your screen) -> Dimensions -> Guildmates -> Fayleen Moonshade Pools (alternatively you are welcome to send a whisper for an invitation/direct portal).
Disclaimer: there is a madman outside the inn… sometimes he responds well to /e emotes; at other times he cast evil spells! Be aware! The dimension owner takes no responsibility or complaints due to magically enhanced (enlarged) heads; sudden fire storms etcetera.

The event: built over an idea of Leggiero’s there will be ‘served supper’ in the dimension (special note for Zephris: the bartender Nico will provide plenty of beer). All you have to do is to reserve a spot at the tables (e.g. signing up for the event, sending a whisper, an in-game mail etcetera) with a short note of your food preferences (i.e. current level and class/role for the right food). You are more than welcome to bring any friends from outside the guild as well if they need a fresh supply for their questing and so.

During the event everyone who so desires are welcome in RaidCall channel 11182991 -> Event -> Food day, whether you want to chat or talk; listen to the conversation or all three.

It is completely free to participate; the only obligation is to bring a good spirit.

Dress code: free (almost) so dinner jacket, tuxedo or formal dress is not required!
Kindly use the combat dummies for any aggressions (exit the inn and follow the lampposts till the path splits, then take the one to the right) to avoid broken furniture.

I hope you will participate in this small event if you've got time :)

Post Script: If you forgot your favourite shoes or something you are welcome to use the bank inside the inn. If you can’t leave ‘home’ without crafting something the crafting area is located to the left of the inn when facing its main entrance.
The red wood house at the end of the lamppost path is a private residence! No mounts allowed inside that house despite the fact that it is still under construction.

"Logic can bring you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere..."
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