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re: Welcome


Welcome to - home of Ruthless Renegades!

We are a relatively small guild consisting of friendly and mainly mature players. Our main objective is to enjoy the time we spend on-line; to keep a good tone and atmosphere whether it is in guild chat or when we raid.

Recently we've started to team together with another guild for Mount Sharax, while still doing guild runs in Rhen of Fate twice a week (as of now on Mondays and Fridays). We sign-up for the day(s) we can attend, however, it is not mandatory to be able to raid all days; we are all people with a real life after all. A notice to the raid leader - Issif - with availability is much appreciated though.

Ruthless Renegades is currently a level 18 guild with it's own dimension, guild bank, Ventrilo server, RaidCall and more.

As a member you'll get access to all of above; more features in the guild forum; the opportunity to raid; 'backup' for dungeon runs; several neat guild perks and above all else, a friendly environment with lots of fun.

Guild rules:

  • No begging
  • Ventrilo required for raiding
  • Guild bank, open to members - if you take items out, donate equal items back, runs off of donated items. Abuses will not go unnoticed
  • No drama
  • No fighting or bulling people
  • Act as an adult; treat everyone as you would want to be treated
  • Represent the guild with respect
  • Most of all: have fun and enjoy the game

Normally guild members are very helpful towards each other which - in not eliminates, then at least diminish - any concerns to most of the guild rules. If you'd like to do a dungeon, just ask in guild chat and people will normally join you, except if they are very busy or about to go off-line. If you need an advice or have a question, please do not hesitate to ask! Several members are experienced players with a lot of knowledge about Rift.

Well met in-game!


"Logic can bring you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere..."
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