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Loot table - Mount Sharax

Mount Sharax


Item Class Role Slot Type
Degna Frost Skin Shawl Warrior DPS Shoulders Plate Armour
Ferata Soggroth Rogue Tank Shoulders Leather Armour
Gnarled Permafrost Band Warrior Tank Ring Accessory
Icemare Shoulders Cleric DPS Shoulders Chain Armour
Icemettle Flappies Mage DPS Shoulders Cloth Armour
Martrodraum Aknil Spaulders Rogue DPS Shoulders Leather Armour
Reraised Skelf Bone Hoop Rogue DPS Ring Accessory
Shoulderguards of the Akvan Horde Warrior Tank Shoulders Plate Armour
Skelf Skull Pauldrons Cleric Tank Shoulders Chain Armour
Snow Shift Essuri Mage Tank Shoulders Cloth Armour
Stolen Sharax Nose Ring  Mage DPS Ring Accessory
Translucent Frozen Band  Cleric Tank Ring Accessory



Item Class Role Slot Type
Bulf's Puzzle Ring Cleric DPS Ring Accessory
Circle of Living Snow Rogue Tank Ring Accessory
Frost Keeper's Gauntlets Warrior Tank Gloves Plate Armour
Frost Keeper's Sabatons Warrior DPS Feet Plate Armour
Frost Warden Signet Mage Tank Ring Accessory
Guise of the Skelf Lord Warrior Tank Helmet Plate Armour
Headdress of the Risen Skelf Cleric Tank Helmet Chain Armour
Ice Forged Barbute Warroir DPS Helmet Plate Armour
Ice-Torn Cowl of Jinoscoth Rogue DPS Helmet Leather Armour
Icemare's Embrace Warrior DPS Ring Accessory
Ofnar Raro Felt Cap Mage DPS Helmet Cloth Armor
Shifting Face of the Akvan Rogue Tank Helmet Leather Armour
Snowic Face Warmer Cleric DPS Helmet Chain Armour
Veil of Frozen Tears Mage Tank Helmet Cloth Armour



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The Yrlwalach

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