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Expert: Glacial Maw



Item Class Role Slot Type
Band of Ice Cleric Tank Ring Accessory
Forgotten Slayer's Gauntlet Cleric DPS Hands Chain Armour
Ice Drake Wrapping Rogue Tank Belt Leather Armour
Shigoroth's Eye Warrior DPS Ring Accessory



Item Class Role Slot Type
Band of Twice Frozen Ice Warrior Tank Neck Accessory
Chain of Everlasting Hail Mage DPS Neck Accessory
Ice Walker's Boots Cleric Tank Feet Chain Armour
Ice Walker's Greaves Rogue DPS Legs Leather Armour



Item Class Role Slot Type
Arctic Reach Mage Tank Two-handed Staff
Snowblind Robe Mage DPS Chest Cloth Armour
Toknoth's Fang Rogue Tank One hand Dagger
White Walker's Leggings Cleric Tank Legs Chain Armour


Glacial Maw Secret


Item Class Role Slot Type
Circle of Frozen Horror Cleric DPS Earring Accessory
Demon's Tear Mage DPS Ring Accessory
Ice Tempered Helm Warrior Tank Head Plate Armour
Iceblood Recurve Bow Warrior DPS Ranged Gun

Note: One of the reasons why many tends to skip this is due to the fairly high amount of single target DPS required in order to kill the monsters fast enough. To start the event four players must target a small 'crystal' located on top of the 'dragon heads' just before entering the tunnel - between second and third boss.

Once all four are standing close (in melee range) a countdown ought to be made by someone, since they need to be hit at the same time. They have very little hit points so any instant cast spell or ability should suffice.

As soon as they are destroyed gather quickly around the enterance. Now several Rhens will spawn and run around the centre (the actual cave); these heals extremely quickly so everyone should cast on targets target so that one player can select the one to kill first, second and so forth. If all are killed in time the "secret" chest will be looted.


Cosmologist Mann


Item Class Role Slot Type
Akvan Band Mage DPS Earring Accessory
Akvan Loop Rogue DPS Earring Accessory
Akvari Jewel Warrior Tank Earring Accessory
Black Ice Stiletto Rogue DPS One hand Dagger
Bloodly Resoot Earpiece Warrior DPS Earring Accessory
Effigy of the Frozen Friven Mage DPS Ranged Wand
Endless Stand Warrior Tank One hand Mace
Forgotten Loop Cleric DPS Earring Accessory
Forsaken Earmuffs Rogue Tank Earring Accessory
Hope Killer Cleric Tank Off hand Shield
Icesong Stud Cleric Tank Earring Accessory
Icy Heart of Prophecy Cleric DPS Trinket Accessory
Icy Heart of Revelation Mage DPS Trinket Accessory
Icy Heart of the Chosen One Warrior DPS Trinket Accessory
Icy Heart of the Dreambreaker Warrior Tank Trinket Accessory
Icy Heart of the Fatestealer Rogue DPS Trinket Accessory
Signette of the Skelf Mage Tank Trinket Accessory