Welcome to www.rr.guildlaunch.com - home of Ruthless Renegades!

We are a relatively small guild consisting of friendly and mainly mature players. Our main objective is to enjoy the time we spend on-line; to keep a good tone and atmosphere whether it is in guild chat or when we raid.

Currently we are Tartaric Depths twice a week (as of now on Fridays/Saturdays) and have recently started with iRoP progression (Fridays). We sign-up for the day(s) we can attend, however, it is not mandatory to be able to raid all days; we are all people with a real life after all. A notice to the raid leader - Issif - with availability is much appreciated though.

Ruthless Renegades is currently a level 26 guild with it's own dimension, guild bank, Discord, Teamspeak server and more.

As a member you'll get access to all of above; more features in the guild forum; the opportunity to raid; 'backup' for dungeon runs; several neat guild perks and above all else, a friendly environment with lots of fun.

Guild rules:

Normally guild members are very helpful towards each other which - in not eliminates, then at least diminish - any concerns to most of the guild rules. If you'd like to do a dungeon, just ask in guild chat and people will normally join you, except if they are very busy or about to go off-line. If you need an advice or have a question, please do not hesitate to ask! Several members are experienced players with a lot of knowledge about Rift.

Well met in-game!