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This is the preliminary page for guides and tactics; first solely videos with a written description added later.

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Anrak the Foul


Raid: Intrepid Gilded Prophecy

Boss: Anrak the Foul

Enrage timer: 7 minutes

DPS requirement: 460,000




Sandstorm: Everyone needs to stack very close to the boss – within a blue circle.

Brittle: Tank swap mechanic – swap at three stacks.

Eye beam: The boss targets a random player (a ranged?) either have the tank who is not tanking Anrak stay ranged or if another player gets hit intercept.

Shards of earth: Spread mechanic. Every player will get a yellow bubble. As soon as the boss starts the cast, spread. If one player touches another players bubble that player will die (note: bubbles can overlap; as long as the players are not within another players bubble). It's a heavy AOE damage that needs to be healed. It will last for several seconds.
Assign prefixed positions before the fight, so everyone knows where they will run to. See diagram below for an example.
Do not rush to stack back again, after the yellow bubbles disappear, they will reappear for 1 more tick. Wait for about a second before moving back behind the boss.

Tail swipe: This is a one shot mechanic to anyone in front of the boss. Move behind him for this!

Call of Anrak: Adds will spawn; kill them as fast as possible to avoid too heavy damage on the tank (note: must be picked up by the tank).

Phase two (30%):

Bond of earth: AoE spawning at the boss’ location. Move from it. The tank must move the boss from it and then the tank should re-enter the area leaving the boss outside. It applies a 20% damage reduction (note: while it seems a bit confusing that an AoE cast will reduce damage taken by 20%, most guide writers insist on calling it AoE. Obviously the boss should not be within a 20% damage reduction area, however, why name it AoE since the tank should re-enter? Possibly the area will do damage until the boss has been moved from it? Or perhaps the damage taken by the tank will be offset by the damage reduction, while the rest of the raid shouldn't take damage at all at that point).


A video guide by Oria included below!

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